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Stopping Your Dog from Pulling on the Leash

19 Aug 16
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There are always times when you are walking your dog that your pooch will try and pull your arm off as it gets excited for finally being taken outside and going for a well deserved walk. You should always remain in control of your dog when dog walking it and never let it pull too much in any situation. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to walking your dog and preventing it from pulling too much and taking you for a walk instead!


  • Keep the leash as short as possible. This will give dog walker a greater sense of control when walking. It will also allow you to have a tight grip on the leash and show the dog who is boss. Never wrap the leash around your hand too much to cut off circulation as this is obviously a risky move.
  • If the dog is continuously pulling you shouldn’t continuously yank back. This can be dangerous to the dog’s throat and neck and cause a potential serious injury. Have one strong and firm pull on the leash and then stand still and wait for the dog to settle. Then get started again and do this every so often to prevent your dog from pulling.
  • If your dog is good always reward them with a treat as treats are a successful means in dog training. If they keep walking without pulling give them a biscuit or some sort of reward for good behaviour. It’s no different to when you train your dog at home and you need to reward them for their good work.
  • Always remain in front and in control. As a dog is a pack animal and will want to go to the front to show who is boss you should never let them.

Once a dog walker has the control, it is easy to train dogs. For off leash training or keeping a dog separation anxiety at bay, it is best to be a dominant, firm, but caring care giver. Many dog walkers are needed to manage, train, and walk a dog. If you are a student studying in Australia and require free accommodation or little savings, you can become a dog walker. A dog walker in Brisbane for instance, has a lucrative and engaging profession.

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