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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

19 Aug 16
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1. It’s always a good idea to make time for a walk with your dog before you leave. This way you can tires out your pooch so that it will be resting when you have to head out. Make the walk as fast and as vigorous as possible, and make sure you provide ample amounts of food and water on your return.


2. Don’t do anything with your dog just before you leave. This includes touching your dog, talking to your dog or even looking at your dog. You need to show your dog that you leaving has no impact on the relationship between you two, and you should do this before you leave as well as when you get home.


3. If you find number 2 difficult, then spare some time a long distance before you leave to pay attention to your dog. This way it gives you a chance to say ‘goodbye’ without having to cause an issue between the both of you. The opposite can be done when you return home, just leave lots of time between arriving home and seeing the dog! This technique also works best to stop dog barking.


4. Try to remain confident and in control. Dogs will follow a pack leader, and they will follow you if you project a level of this with your dog. Try not to be sad and upset as this will only make your dog worse when performing dog training tasks. The same should happen when you get home, try your very best with it and you will soon achieve it.


5. Start small by trying different time frames away from your dog. Start by being apart for a few minutes, then increase it to more, and then even longer as you keep going along. It’ll be difficult at first but as your dog gets used to it more you will soon see the results!

For long vacation, dog sitters are wanted to take care of your dog. Make sure the sitter acts in the same way as you did in case he or she is going out for a short while. You can specify the tasks to the dog sitter and counter check it with the sitter through a detailed dog sitter checklist. Remember, each sitter or pet owner may have different ways to tackle separation anxiety in a dog. If you have an out-of-the-ordinary technique why don’t you write to us?

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