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Owning a dog while running your Eyebrow Feathering businesses.

06 Feb 18
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Hi my name is Aj, and im a proud dog owner.

I also a proud business owner:

It can be quite a challenge looking after pets while running off and doing eyebrow tattooing or AKA Microblaing eyebrows. But I manage and I think you can always make the too work. here is a little about what I do.

Know what you are getting into when you want to get tattoo eyebrows

There are people born with full and lush brows that can get by without the need for eyebrow makeup. Unfortunately, some people have thin or sparse brows and it makes them look like the Mona Lisa.

People who have thin brows need to apply makeup everyday to make their eyebrow appear fuller. This is a struggle especially for women who cannot endure plucking their eyebrows or busy women, women with hair loss problems and those who do not have a nice eyebrow shape which cannot be modified. The solution for this is to have permanent tattoo eyebrows.

Upon hearing this suggestion, it might be strange but if you really take it into consideration, it is actually a great way to solve your lack of eyebrow and necessity of applying brow makeup every single day. Cosmetic eyebrow tattoos is when natural pigments are placed in the dermal layer of the eyebrow to make a more defined eyebrow.

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