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Daily Exercise – Good Health for Your Dog as well as for You

19 Aug 16
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Regular exercise is a must for both you and your pet if you want to remain healthy and own an equally healthy pet.

Why Exercise

Doing a daily workout with your pet dog is a must for…

  • Owning a pet that is physically healthy and socially acceptable.
  • Bonding with your pet and spend quality time with it.
  • Controlling weight of your dog and building up energy.
  • Enabling it to stay calm, happy, and sociable.

…And, a dog that is regularly taken out to exercise does not jump up at people, bark incessantly, or become too hyperactive. They are less aggressive and more sociable.

How to Exercise without Losing the Zeal

Don’t make exercise a drudgery which you need to perform each day. Instead, make it a fun activity that is varied and overbearing. Some useful exercises that you can perform with your pet dog are:

  • Dog walking
  • Playtime sessions
  • “Fetch activity” with flying disc or ball

…And, don’t forget to work on the needs of a particular breed. Some breed of dogs requires more workouts while others can enjoy themselves on their own.

The environment, area to play, and tools must be suitable enough to allow the dog to practice its physical co-ordination, skills, and workouts. For instance:

  • Terriers must have muddy area to allow them to dig.
  • Hounds require enough space to run and chase.
  • Labradors require hunting areas, such as bushes and hedges.
  • Pastoral breeds require canine sports.


How to Start the Exercise Regimen

  • Go slow if you’ve at last, decided to take your dog for an exercise schedule.
  • Start dog walking at soft areas to familiarize the feet for walking.
  • Perform leash training to keep your pet under control.
  • Perform workout schedule when your dog has an empty stomach. A full stomach can cause digestive problems.
  • Take precautions in case of there has been a snowfall as dogs can suffer from frostbite. Similarly, during hot summers take care that your pet is not dehydrated.

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