About us

We offer tips and tricks to train untamed dogs, understand their subtle behavior, and compassionately help dogs to be social and amiable pet in the society.

Dog lovers would be able to find useful solutions here to deal with various idiosyncrasies of dogs, such as:

  • Train dogs that otherwise lead unhealthy life.
  • Rehabilitate dogs that are discarded, ill-treated, misdiagnosed or haphazardly trained.
  • Coach untamed dogs that are often turned away by traditional obedience training schools because of their asocial behavioral traits.
  • Re-establish previously trained dogs that cannot adjust themselves as pets at homes.

…And, we help to provide a solution so that you and your canine friend can have a cordial relationship. With just a couple of training sessions, you would see how your dog becomes a faithful companion and trained enough to be an entertaining social pet you’d love to own.

Training with a Difference

The articles, tips, and stories about canine training, meanders around:

  • Dog psychology
  • Obedience vis-à-vis untamed behavior
  • Various accepted training methods
  • Dog behavior analyses with expert guidance from dog trainers, dog behaviorists, dog whisperers, dog groomers, dog sitters, dog walkers, and animal care therapist.
  • Synergy of dog nature along with human expectations, communication, and animal-right laws.

It is essential to understand that dogs must be trained keeping their needs and acceptance in mind. In other words, though fear, enticement, and entertainment help in taming hyper dogs, the psyche of the animals are vulnerable.

In other words, though rewards, toys, halties, electric collars, and many such more tools are used to tame dogs, the underlying obedience problem is not addressed. We help in addressing this core issue to correct dog’s unruly behaviors.

Keep in Mind!

Dogs that don’t accept their master as the pack leader become…

  • Wayward and aggressive
  • Dominant and try to control others
  • Irritable and asocial

…And, we hope to streamline dog training methods that are effective, humanely workable, and coach the psyche of such dogs. Our trainers and professionals on dog behavioral therapy are interspersed throughout Australia, such as Brisbane, Queensland, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Check our site regularly for updates and get back to us if you feel you require addressing problems of a dog or want to train and work with them as adorable pets.