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7 Signs Your Pet Actually Understands You

01 Mar 17
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There’s a good chance the title of man’s best friend isn’t only reserved for your family dog.  No matter whether you like to snuggle up with your fuzzy feline or spend your afternoons riding your favorite horse, there are no rules about what creature can be your best friend. But part of what brings you and your pet so close together is the unspoken communication that occurs between you. You may be the only one actually saying words, but chances are your pet understands exactly what you’re trying to say. Would you know how to tell if your pet truly understands you?

There’s a lot more to animal communication than you may realize. Whether you’re bonding with horses, dogs, birds, chickens, pigs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, or even fish, the ability to communicate in some form is entirely possible. Plus, in most cases that communication isn’t just you speaking to your pet. There are non-verbal forms of communication as well. Additionally, what a lot of people don’t realize is that your pet is likely communicating with you as well. Even without barks, purrs, or neighs, there’s a good chance your pet is communicating a whole lot to you, without even making a sound.

To get a better idea of just how much your pet understands and loves you, check out the list below. Does your best friend engage in any of the following behaviors? If so, there’s a good chance your pet totally gets you!

1. They seem to “pay attention” when you speak

Do you have to shout or clap your hands just to get your pet to pay attention? Or do they turn and look your way when they hear your voice? If you pet seems to be all ears when you speak, that’s a good sign your pet has a good understanding of its owner.

2. They follow you around

3. They stare at you

4. They snuggle up close to you, especially when you’re feeling down

5. They expose their belly

6. They respond with appropriate body language

Over at “Modern Dog Magazine” it was explained that because dogs have a language of communication unique to them,  they may use sounds but most of their communication is sent with body language like facial expressions and body postures. Dogs aren’t the only pets that use body language as a way to communicate. In some way, just about all animals do!

Pay attention to your pets’ body language in specific situations and notice consistencies. There’s a good chance they appear very excited and happy upon seeing you. There’s also a good chance they appear to cower or hide when they feel threatened or scared. If you’re personally struggling emotionally, notice how you pet reacts. If their body language is appropriate to your personal situation, that’s a great sign you have one incredibly understanding pet!

7. Your pet hates when you leave

When you make an effort to pack up before heading out the door, notice whether your pets’ behavior changes. Do they suddenly run and hide? Do they bury themselves in your suitcase? Do they follow you to the door? Is there anything that tugs at your heart strings more than when your pet sits at the front door or window and watches as you pull out of the driveway? If your furry friend does one or more of those things, there’s a good chance they’re telling you “please don’t go!”

To combat feelings of separation anxiety, try to switch up your routine before leaving each day. Also make sure your pet is getting plenty of exercise and attention. Of course, be sure to give them a proper good-bye as well, even if it’s just a quick pet on the head.





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